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Everything You Need to Know About Cigar Accessories

The District Warehouse online store only delivers the best cigar humidors, cigar cutters, and cigar humidors. A great cigar humidor is crucial because the right humidor will help the cigars age properly while also keeping them at the correct level of humidity and protect the tobacco from outside elements. An ashtray helps make the experience easy to clean up, but the right style and size of ashtray must be considered before choosing one. With different types of cigar cutters, it is important to choose the correct shape of the cut that is desired, otherwise the tobacco may not draw and smoke according to your liking. However, choosing the right one for you can be quite complicated. 


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The art of choosing the correct humidor all depends on a few factors: size, design, wood lining inside, and the price. With a great selection of the best cigar humidors, The District Cigar Warehouse offers a great price for what you are looking for. The size of the standard humidor holds about 100 cigars and the wood lining of the inside of the humidor should be cider wood, the only lining that is available from our selection. The design is the most difficult part, however, because there is such a wide variety available. The design, simply put, should correlate to the room that the humidor will be in. For example, if you have a large room in your home that you are using as your smoking room, and that room has a mediterranean styling, a simple mediterranean colored humidor will fit nicely. 

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The cigar cutter is also crucial to the cigar smoking experience. There are three major different types of cigar cutters, hole punch, o-cut, and V-cut. There are options for cigar cutters that offer multiple different types of cuts in different sized cuts which are perfect for a home cigar smoking experience. However, the standard cigar cutter is normally small enough to fit inside your pocket. This will make it easy to use it at your own home, or when you travel outside of your home for dinner or to a cigar lounge. The Big Daddy cutter is a standard and well priced cutter that can fit inside a pocket without an issue. 


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Lastly, a cigar ashtray is crucial for home smoking because it prevents the mess of ashes. An ashtray also ensures that the cigar will not roll off a table because they come standard with small half-pipes in order to hold your cigar comfortably without messing up the wrapper of the cigar. Smoking without an ashtray is possible, but often uncomfortable especially when your other hand will likely be filled with a glass of whiskey or wine. 

The District Cigar Warehouse has excellent options for the best cigar humidor, the best cigar cutter, and the best cigar ashtray. We have pride in our selection because we do not simply want to include every single option, but we want to save the client time by offering only the best selection at a great price with amazing service.

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